Wall Murals

A great source of advertising is the wall mural (or wall wrap). These can go indoor or outdoor. It’s like having your own personal billboard, but for the price of a few months billboard rental you can have your own wall mural for many years.

Outdoor wall murals are ideal forms of advertising for your business. We can apply these murals to almost any surface. Whether the surface is flat or curved, smooth or rough, it is likely that we can create and apply a vinyl mural to suit your need. Vinyl wall murals can be applied to walls (or windows) that are smooth or textured, brick or block.

Outdoor vinyl wall murals can be used to create exciting, eye-catching advertisements that appear to the public like a painted mural. But unlike a painted mural, you the purchaser can see just what you’re getting before it’s even applied. And if a part is damaged, the damage can be repaired with just a small square of vinyl printed from the computer file you and your Wrapped In Ink artist created when you first commissioned your mural. Vinyl wall murals last longer than air-brushing as the vinyl we use is well suited to environmental exposure.

Use your wall mural to advertise your business, send a message, or showcase an upcoming event. Our artists and installers here at Wrapped In Ink will work with you to design just what you’re looking for, we will print your mural, and install it!


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